Stories behind things

Entering a second hand store one  encounters pieces of clothing and  objects that had a previous life and carry a story within them. Find out the stories behind our favorite pieces!

The story of a small wooden suitcase

This particular wooden suitcase is a piece from the Second World War. My great-grandfather lived as a Danube Swabian in former Yugoslavia at that time. When the Red Army came closer and closer, he had to flee with his family, which is why he built himself a small wooden suitcase in which he stored his belongings.

In 1944, they went on the run at night. Over the next few years, their path led them through several countries, federal states and also labour camps, with the small wooden suitcase constantly accompanying them. After 6 years of flight, my family arrived in Vogt in the Allgäu, where they found work and settled. My grandfather also stayed in this small village and started his own family there.

After my mum moved from home, my great-grandmother left the small wooden suitcase to my mum. It still has a place in our flat today, as part of our family history.

Story of Stefanie Mohr

The special dress

I have a very special dress from the basement of a second-hand shop. The shop assistant entrusted me with the dress and the special story that goes with it. It is a dress from the 1940s. Because of the war, many people had great financial problems. But it was still important for the women to be able to put on fashionable new clothes.

Therefore, a new dress was sewn from curtains and drapes and embroidered with colourful flowers. This is exactly the kind of dress we are talking about here. I have a very special dress that I can give a new life to today.

Story of Merret Kerschbaum

The romantic chair

This chair came from my neighbour. He was a kind-hearted, loving little man who was called “Männchen” by us.  Unfortunately, a year ago he was diagnosed with dementia and had to move into a nursing home. His house and all his treasures had to be sold. Since his children and family lived far away, we helped him clear out his house.

In the end, the whole house was empty and only this one chair was left in the living room. It had a very special meaning for him and could not be sold to a stranger. He used to sit in his chair for hours and write romantic love letters and poems to his former lovers.

He gave his romantic chair to me and my sisters. Today we can sit in this chair, and who knows, maybe one day we will also write love letters.

Story of Chantal Augello

A jumper for generations

When my mum was 18, she went shopping in Zurich and spotted a turquoise jumper that she liked immediately. She bought it and wore it for some time. After it was no longer quite fashionable, it ended up in our attic.

29 years later, as a 15-year-old, I went on a treasure hunt to look through my mum’s old clothes for cool pieces. That’s when I discovered the jumper and was totally hooked.

Over the next few years, the jumper accompanied me wherever I went, on every holiday and at every festival. I still wear the jumper today and always feel connected to my mum through it.

Story of Stefanie Mohr

The analogue camera

My grandfather was very enthusiastic about the latest technical things and inventions and was therefore always on the lookout for something special.

In 1980 he bought this camera. At the beginning, his enthusiasm was great, but unfortunately it was quickly forgotten. After my grandfather’s death, the camera was rediscovered and bequeathed to me.

I am a very enthusiastic photographer and was very happy to receive the camera. I can put the lens on my current camera and use it to create a very special, slightly blurred dreamy 80s look in my pictures. This way, I can bring his little-used camera back to life today and create unique images with it.

Story of David Göz