Be odd! Tips for more self-confidence.

Nowadays it is essential to have a healthy self-confidence in order to become successfull in life. Here are some tips that will help you boost your confidence whenever you need it.

1. Just smile!

One of the most effective ways to feel better is to smile. Even if it is a forced smile, the muscles involved in the smiling process tell the brain that you are actually smiling. This releases happy hormones that make you feel better immediately. 

2. Use your breathing!

In very important situations, one usually becomes very nervous. Breathing becomes hectic and the pulse increases. In such situations, with the help of the right breathing technique, you can lower your pulse again and obtain a clear view of the situation. 

Here’s how: slow down your breathing intentionally and try to consciously breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Concentrate only on breathing. Try to breathe rhythmically and slowly and focus solely on that.

3. Watch your posture!

By having a strong posture, you will automatically appear more confident to others and also feel better about yourself. So head up, back straight, shoulders back and chest out. Imagine you are at least 10cm taller and nothing can knock you down. 

4. Be active!

Sport is the perfect balance in stressful periods. You can go jogging or ride your bike to work as soon as you get up in the morning. You will immediately feel better for having exercised and at the same time it is a great feeling to already have accomplished something. 

5. Dare and say it!

You find yourself in a lecture hall, at a work meeting or maybe even having lunch with your colleagues. If a topic comes up that is not in your personal area of expertise, insecure people quickly become afraid of saying something “stupid”. They tend to hold back and prefer to say nothing. In such a situation, you should be aware that you are probably thinking more about yourself than any other person at this table. There is no right or wrong in conversation. And even if you say something inappropriate, it will most likely not be noticed. So if you want to get ahead, open your mouth, contribute your ideas and show everyone what you’re capable of. 

6. Consciously sit down in the front row!

Many insecure people sit in the back rows of lecture halls, events, etc. to avoid being noticed. They prefer to be invisible and don’t want to be called on or spoken to. However, if you don’t face your fears, they will grow and you will always sit in the unnoticeable seats in the future. Challenge yourself and, starting from today, sit consciously in one of the front places. You will realize that it is not bad to stand out and you will be able to get rid of these fears in future situations. 

7. Give yourself courage!

It is important to remind yourself of the things you are good at and that you can achieve your goals. You alone need to believe in this. To start, you could just make a list of your strengths and the goals you’ve already achieved. Go ahead and be proud of yourself.

8. Listen to Music! 

Music is a real miracle for our mood. There are already entire playlists on streaming services like Spotify that are made to boost your self-confidence. Just search under ” Confidence Boost”!

The important thing is that the music builds you up and puts you in a good mood. So, the next time you have an important appointment, listen to your favorite songs beforehand and your confidence will definitely be strengthened.

9. Be more friendly!

What some people unfortunately lack can definitely help boost your self-confidence. After all, being friendly to someone puts a smile on your face as well. You feel better about yourself, and you might even brighten the day of the person you’re talking to. It can start with a smile! 

You’ll see that your smile is being returned and that will make you feel better and your self-confidence will shoot up.

10. Put on clothes you feel comfortable in!

Another great saying that everyone probably knows is that clothes make the man. This phrase actually has a truth to it: most of the time, we show ourselves on the outside the way we feel on the inside. Therefore, you should simply wear what you really feel comfortable in and what makes you feel good.

Maybe you have a favorite color that you like to wear and that brings out your eyes well?