DAS KAUFHAUS – a special employer

DAS KAUFHAUS is not just an usual employer.
We asked the employees to give some firsthand information about working there.

As you can read in the blog post “DAS KAUFHAUS and its cause“ DAS KAUFHAUS is a slightly different kind of working place. As an social employer it supports disabled, disadvantaged and long-term unemployed people and offers them an entry (back) into working life.

We surveyed some of the employees and they gave us personal and emotional insights into their working life as an employee of DAS KAUFHAUS.

What was the best experience you had in relation to your job?

“Advising a refugee who had a large wish list for the initial furnishing of her first own apartment (after separation). We were able to fulfill her every wish. She told me: “You are my sun“. ” 
Astrid, market manager and head of household clearance

“That we can make many people happy.”
Moni, hygiene officer and sales assistant

“I trained as a retail sales assistant at my new job. It wasn’t always easy to balance work and family. I was relieved after passing my exam. It was one of the best experiences.”
– Nadine, retail saleswoman

“Finding myself an excellent stereo system for my bathroom.”
Dieter Sales Assistant AGH*

“There are always great donations that surprise you and many different people from different cultural backgrounds come together to work on sustainability.”  
Necdet, Management, Warehouse and Logistics

“Seeing how people who arrived as refugees build a future for themselves, fight for the right to stay and then are still super grateful that they can work for small expense allowance. Being able to help these people get ahead does something to you.”
– Rüdiger, Instruction, Warehouse and Logistics

What do you value about your job?

“Independently acquiring skills and knowledge and being able to make decisions and take responsibility.”
Necdet, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

“Talking to customers every day and working with people.”
Michell, donations reception and administration in the logistics area

“The diversity and variety in the workplace.”                                 
Evelyn, sales assistant AGH*

“I can go there every day, have simple tasks and support. The most important thing is the always kind contact to the colleagues.”
– Marc, sales assistant AGH*

“Nice colleagues, family-friendly working hours, good working atmosphere.”             
– Nadine, retail sales assistant

“That we are allowed to make many people happy.”
Jutta, Assistant Store Manager

“That I am given confidence and that I can use and expand my knowledge.”      
– Moni, Hygiene Officer and Sales Assistant

“The variety, complex correlation and interaction with the team, customers and cost units as well as social counseling centers.”
Astrid, store manager and head of household clearances

How has your employment at DAS KAUFHAUS influenced/changed your life?

“I have always been very socially minded and now I have a job where I can incorporate this.”
Michell, donations reception and administration in the logistics area

“When you deal with people’s legacies every day, you realize that there are few material things that really matter. You become more mindful and accumulate less clutter.”
– Rüdiger, Instruction, Warehouse and Logistics

“That I can participate in working life again and stability in life.”
Jutta, Assistant store manager

“Daily structure, increase in self-confidence.”
– Sandra, employee at the store in Wangen

“My awareness of sustainability and purchasing behavior have changed. Things that I no longer have a use for, I want to give away much faster.”
Necdet, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

“Gives me stability, recognition, confidence and a start in the working world.”     
– Marc, sales assistant AGH

How do you experience the department store as an employer?

“As a firm and reliable point of contact that encourages me.”
Moni, Hygiene Officer and Sales Assistant

“Dynamic employer with high growth opportunities and varied employment with social responsibility.”
– Necdet, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

“Sense of security, pleasant atmosphere.”
– Sandra, employee at the store in Wangen

“Ideal for me! I get a lot of support.”
– Marc, Sales assistant AGH*

“I am encouraged and challenged.”
– Jutta, Assistant Store Manager

“My direct supervisor supports me and is understanding, and the company is family-friendly.”
– Nadine, retail saleswoman

Why is DAS KAUFHAUS a good/special place to shop?

“It is a place of exchange and meeting. The stock is well maintained and appeals to the financially disadvantaged as well as to people who care about sustainable action. Many of our customers attach great importance to both and the nice encounters. We attach great importance to the fact that especially in the social department store the shopping experience can really be experienced.”
– Astrid, store manager and head of household clearance

“Increasing the lifespan of consumer goods is always a good idea in times of climate change. If you can support social institutions that provide help locally in the communities at the same time, all the better.”
– Rüdiger, Instruction, Warehouse and Logistics

“Because you meet so many nice people and there are many different things to buy.”
– Moni, hygiene representative and sales assistant

“Shopping is fun because there is a large selection.”                     
Necdet, Warehouse and Logistics Manager

“Good for people on a budget. Good selection and low prices.”   
Marc, Sales assistant AGH*

“The price-performance ratio is right. There is always something new to discover as the stock is constantly changing. The environment is protected because used items are reused.”
Nadine, retail saleswoman

*Job opportunities (Arbeitsgelegenheiten, AGH) are public jobs funded by the Job Center with the purpose of reintegrating the long-term unemployed people into the labor market.