Das Kaufhaus

DAS KAUFHAUS is an inclusive, non-profit company. At DAS KAUFHAUS people with and without disabilities work together. In this way, disadvantaged people are offered a permanent professional perspective and people with disabilities are offered training. DAS KAUFHAUS invests the profits from sales in the creation of new jobs. DAS KAUFHAUS has five department stores at the following locations:

Kaufhaus Cannstatt
Kreuznacher Str. 53
70372 Stuttgart
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Kaufhaus Plochingen
Urbanstraße 14
73207 Plochingen
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Kaufhaus Esslingen
Kiesstraße 11
73728 Esslingen am Neckar
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Kaufhaus Mitte
Leonhardsplatz 21
70182 Stuttgart
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Kaufhaus Wangen
Inselstraße 5
70327 Stuttgart
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DAS KAUFHAUS creates permanent jobs subject to social insurance contributions for disabled and non-disabled people and provides training for people with disabilities. Profits are invested in the creation of new jobs.


By collecting, upgrading and repairing used goods, DAS KAUFHAUS increases the reuse rate and thus contributes to the conservation of resources and the protection of the environment.


DAS KAUFHAUS enables low-income people to buy everyday necessities at low prices and supplements its offer with new goods where necessary. It is a meeting place for people from all walks of life.


DAS KAUFHAUS is a subsidiary of the diaconal social enterprise Neue Arbeit and thus part of the Diakonie. The enterprise is an expression of active charity. It is committed to the integrity of creation. As a sign of global solidarity, DAS KAUFHAUS supports a cooperative for waste collectors in Brazil, a project of Brot für Welt.


With your donation, you are helping to build DAS KAUFHAUS’ vision of a sustainable and just society. You enable meaningful employment for disabled and disadvantaged people and at the same time protect the environment because the goods are being used several times.

This is what DAS KAUFHAUS does with donations in kind:

Your donations are in good hands with DAS KAUFHAUS. The donations are collected and sold in the Stuttgart region. This avoids long transport routes and environmental pollution. DAS KAUFHAUS offers low-income people inexpensive shopping opportunities for everyday necessities. Customers and donors enable the meaningful employment of disabled and disadvantaged people. DAS KAUFHAUS is a meeting place for people from all walks of life.

Your donations are sorted by hand by the employees of DAS KAUFHAUS, refurbished for sale and, if it makes sense, repaired. Goods that DAS KAUFHAUS cannot sell are recycled or disposed of.

You can find more information on the donations here: https://daskaufhaus.de/index.php/spenden

What happens to your donation at DAS KAUFHAUS?

After your donation arrives at the logistics center, it gets sorted first: by gender and also by quality. Then the goods are prepared for further transport to the different locations of DAS KAUFHAUS and in the respective locations the price is determined, which depends on quality and condition. If the goods are seasonal, they get stored, until the time is right to put them out on the shop space.

It all sounds quick and easy, but of course there are a number of employees involved in this process ­– on average up to 30 people. Sounds like a lot? People are needed for picking up the goods, sorting, picking, delivery and storage. This fact also flows into the price composition at DAS KAUFHAUS, because all these people are getting paid, of course. Therefore, the prices of individual pieces may vary depending on the brand and quality, as well as the costs for transportation and storage.