Wolf-Peter Steinheißer

Admittedly, I also like buying new things. However, I make sure that a) the quality is right and b) that they can be used in many ways.

It’s not about the quantity, but rather about the quality of the individual pieces!

Saving future space

Wolf-Peter is a whirlwind of ideas and creativity, an award-winning photographer who designs photo productions for advertising, fashion and lifestyle. He started at the age of 6 when he got his first photo lab. After his studies at Hochschule der Medien he became self-employed and now runs his own workshop. He has exhibited his works at numerous national and international exhibitions and gives lectures in film and photography at university

Moritz Metzger

Moritz is a talented photographer and colleague of Wolf-Peter Steinheisser. After having graduated from Hochschule der Medien, Moritz went freelance. His speciality as a photographer for capturing light and shadow and he has assisted in a number of award-winning campaigns

Arne Steinheisser

Arne is a dedicated young talent doing an apprenticeship at
wpsteinheisser as photographer and post producer. His speciality is the assembly and operation of complex cameras and equipment.

Andrew Weale

I used to think that individuality was all about doing my own thing. But it’s about other people as well. Connecting to others brings out the best in me as an individual.

Time for oddity

Andrew is every mother’s nightmare. After leaving Oxford University, where he was a Classics scholar at Trinity College, he decided to do something completely different and trained and worked as an actor and singer for nearly twenty years. After starring in the musical production of Beauty and the Beast at The SI Centrum in Stuttgart, he moved back to London and developed another career in children’s writing. He has won several literary awards for his books and poetry, and he teaches creative writing up to university level. However, he has another passion that is waiting in the wings: photography. Maybe there is yet another creative direction for him. Watch this


We are relational people and only in connection with others do we experience ourselves. Creating spaces in which autonomy and dependency, self-awareness and personal responsibility, communication and conflict management can be experienced are the basis for interpersonal and equal relationships.

United in cause

Design Plus is an agency based on the belief that it’s possible to run today‘s businesses in a profoundly more ethical and meaningful way. Run by Maike Finkelnburg, Carina Sindlinger
and Felicitas Berger, the agency exemplifies the importance of strengthening and supporting people in their abilities and

Dieter Soldan

The underlying vision behind Dieter Soldan‘s work is the
unconventional design of communication processes.
His communication agency also promotes artists and creatives as a central feature.

The Make-Up Artist Rahel Taeubert


Being different. Not becoming a part of the mainstream.

To go your own way – the authentic way. Take a clear position and stand up for it.

These qualities have always been important, in the past as well as today! Otherwise we all would not have developed further on this earth! It is essential for survival – for all of us!

Providence of consequence

Rahel Taeubert has made a name for herself as a make-up artist and hairstylist specializing in fashion and beauty. Her work has been published in international fashion magazines, in advertising and corporate films. She also specializes in hair and make-up for TV and video productions. In 2014, she began working as a ‘photo-artist’, creating multi-textured photographic experiences. Rahel is best known for her warm personality. She is all about creating solutions and fitting perfectly within the team

Thank you to all our sponsors

The Models (Students of HDM): Laura Holtz, Maris Kalajdzija, Lara Kampa, Merret Kerschbaum, Maria Rak, Tina Reichenbächer, Robin Rendler, Anne Seelmann, Elisa Stetter, Acelya Sürer, for their open and motivated approach towards something entirely new.

The Shooting, Make-Up, Film and Post-Produktion Team: Wolf-Peter Steinheisser, Moritz Metzger and Arne Steinheisser, for their stunning photography, the amazing movie, all their ideas and creative input.

Make-Up Artist Rahel Taeubert, for the amazing looks she created.

The Autor Andrew Weale, for his award-worthy literary text.

Maike Finkelnburg, Carina Sindlinger, Hannes Melzian und Felicitas Berger, for their Know-How, passionate assistance and empowering feedback.

Dieter Soldan, for the helpful input and great ideas.

The University

Prof. Dr Volker Jansen – for his trust, guidance and mentoring

Sebastian Paul and Özgun Erbaristiran – for their invaluable assistance before, during and after the production

Important Sponsors

metapaper, for the advice and the sponsorship of the cover and content paper.

Diana Girrbach (Peyer Graphics AG) – for her advice and the sponsoring of the cover and endpaper material

The Production Equipment: HP Indigo 5r (digital printing),
Baumann Wohlenberg (guillotine), Meccanotecnica – Universe (thread stitching), Müller Martini – Vareo (adhesive binding)

The Camera Equipment: All images captured with ZEISS Batis and Milvus lenses.